Collab Pack [Cold Brew Coffee + Biscotti] - 1degreeC

Collab Pack [Cold Brew Coffee + Biscotti]

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Looking for a match made in heaven? Our collab pack which features artisanal handmade biscotti from Bake & Bake, will definitely tantalize your taste buds, leaving you wanting for more! So grab a pack and indulge yourself to a guilt-free pleasure!

Bake & Bake, a bakery specializing in biscotti is located at Telok Blangah, run by Anson Goh, whoo has been baking since 2002.

A regular fixture at the Farmers Market held by Central Development Centre, prides himself in making artisanal biscotti that is made with no oil/butter/margarine, less sugar and no preservatives.

In this Collab Pack, you will get:

3 x White Cold Brew Coffee

3 x Black Cold Brew Coffee

1 x Almond (Signature) Biscotti

1 x Cranberry Biscotti

Collab Pack [Cold Brew Coffee + Biscotti] - 1degreeC