Blue Pea Cold Tea 10 Pack - 1degreeC

Blue Pea Cold Tea 10 Pack

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"Breaking away from just doing cold brew coffee, our in-house mixologist has concocted her own rendition of this super refreshing cold tea."

Blue Pea is the first to be launched in our range of cold teas, that will be coming to you soon! We use the Butterfly Blue Pea flower (commonly used in Peranakan cakes) as the base. 

Blue Pea Tea has many health attributes such as - rich in antioxidants, keeps skin glowing & healthy, improves eyesight & night vision, enhances memory, and stimulates hair growth.

Enjoy this rejuvenating and vitalizing drink straight from the bottle, or, with ice, that acts as a great thirst quencher with amazing health benefits on a hot sunny day. Most importantly it tastes great!