Basil & Mint Cold Tea 10 Pack - 1degreeC

Basil & Mint Cold Tea 10 Pack

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"Introducing our new oh-so-refreshing, all-natural Basil & Mint Cold Tea to our tea range."

An excellent mouth refreshing drink. Our new cold tea is brewed with fresh basil and mint leaves giving it a natural sweetness. It is all natural with no artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives, or sugar.

Basil & Mint has many health attributes such as - a mouth freshener, remedy for nausea, reduces stress and fatigue, and clears congestion of nose and throat.

Enjoy this all-natural, healthy and refreshing drink straight from the bottle, or, with ice. Coupled with tons of health benefits, it is definitely a drink you can drink, anytime, anywhere, any place, and not feel "guilty"!