Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cold brew coffee, hot coffee and iced coffee?

  • Cold brew is made by steeping the coffee grounds in room temperature water for over many hours.  As a result, the coffee is naturally sweet, less acidic and more alkaline.
  • Brewing coffee grounds with hot water produces hot coffee. This process produces an acidic flavour. Hot coffee when mixed with ice cubes becomes iced coffee.

What type of coffee beans do you use and where are they from?

  • We use Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Colombia and South East Asia sourced from a local roaster. We create our own blend for our cold brew coffee products.

Are your cold brew coffee and cold tea prepared fresh?

  • Yes. We only brew and bottle our cold brew coffee and cold tea upon receipt of an order.

Why is your cold brew coffee and cold tea different compared to others?

  • The 1degreeC philosophy is to create a healthier choice cold brew coffee and cold tea. Most of our products do not have added sugar.
  • The sweetness of our cold brew coffee comes mainly from the coffee beans and dairy which we add into our products. The sweetness of most of our cold tea comes from the fresh herbs/fruits that we brew together.

What is the shelf-life of your cold brew coffee and cold tea?

  • Our Strong Black and Black cold brew coffee and cold teas have a shelf-life of 12 - 14 days.
  • Our White and other milk-based cold brew coffee have a shelf-life of 6 - 8 days. This is because they contain fresh milk.

What is the best way to store your cold brew coffee and cold tea?

  • As most of our products contain fresh milk and herbs, they should be properly stored in the refrigerator with temperature setting at or below 4°C (40°F).  
  • Furthermore, our products taste refreshingly good when drunk cold!!


Do you have cold brew coffee and cold tea that are lactose/gluten free and vegan friendly?

  • Definitely! Our strong black and black cold brew coffee and cold tea do not contain any dairy products.  
  • We also have an almond milk cold brew coffee made with organic almond milk. It is perfect for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant and want a gluten-free option.

How soon can I get my drinks when I place an order?

We need at least 3 working days (72hrs) to prepare the products. For example, if an order is placed on Monday, they will be delivered by Thursday.

    What time do you deliver your products?

    There are 2 standard delivery timeslots (Monday to Friday. No scheduled deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays):
    • Between 11am - 6pm or
    • Self Collection by Appointment Only

      Can you make an exception to delivery on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays?

      • We try our best to help our customers if they require deliveries outside our non-standard delivery timeslots. If you require delivery on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, kindly indicate in the “Tag” column when you place your order online.
      • You can also let us have your special requirement after placing your online order by contacting us:
      • or 8771 5811 

      Do you charge for delivery?

      • There is no delivery charge for orders $60 and above.
      • A $8 delivery charge is incurred for orders below $60.

      Do you recycle your bottles?

      Yes we do! Simply rinse your bottles and return them to our driver when you place your next order with us. 

      Do you do bulk/custom orders? I would love to have your products at my event!

      Definitely! We can do bulk orders and customised packaging for your events. Do let us know your requirements and we will do our best to help you. Contact us:

      Do you ship internationally?

      Currently we only deliver within Singapore.

        Do you have any social media?

        Yes, we do! Check us out on:
      • Facebook @1degreeC
      • Instagram @1degreec_coldbrew

      • Our social media is regularly updated to bring you the latest news on what we are doing and upcoming events that we are participating. We will also make announcements of new flavours and new stockist locations through our social media channels.

          Any more questions you might have, that we did not an answer?

          We are always more than happy to help! Contact us.
          • or 8771 5811