Strong Black Cold Brew x Gula Aren

Strong Black Cold Brew x Gula Aren

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When you add Palm Sugar Gula Aren “Gulare”  to our Cold Brew Coffee it enhances and accentuates the drink with its caramel and butterscotch flavours. 

Popular in Indonesia as a healthier choice sweetener, Gula Aren is commonly paired in coffee, tea and desserts such as ondeh ondeh, kueh lapis, cheesecake, brownies and cookies.

Gula Aren does NOT contain any other ingredients but pure palm sugar from organically grown palm tree.

It has Low Glycemic Index (GI) of 47, while table sugar has GI of between 60 to 70. Low GI makes it easier for glucose and insulin regulation which in turn results in increased energy and better mood.

Bundle includes:

1 x 1.3ltr Gula Aren

6 bottles Strong Black Cold Brew