Why Cold Brew Tastes Better


There are basically two brewing methods in making a good cup of coffee. Hot or cold; and how you brew the coffee can really change how your coffee tastes. A hot-brewed coffee is brewed at high temperature and typically made on the order of minutes. The outcome is coffee with a strong aroma but with a sour or acidic bite. 

Cold Brew Coffee is made by soaking coffee grounds in room temperature and steeped, like tea, for 16-24 hours. This process extracts a stronger and smoother coffee. Cold Brew is taking...

1◦C Cold Brew Coffee

1◦C Cold Brew Coffee can be enjoyed straight up from the bottle, giving you a quick pick-me-up on a hot sunny Singapore day. This way, you will also get to taste the full flavor of the coffee together with the deep and strong coffee concentrate.

Alternatively, 1◦C Cold Brew Coffee can also be taken with a glass of ice. Add 2 cubes of ice, pour the coffee concentrate into the glass and stir. Enjoy the cold refreshing coffee, sit back and relax.

And don’t forget to shake...