Middle-aged former IT manager changes career path to selling cold brew coffee

The former IT industry manager only changed the track at the age of 54 to make cold brew coffee (cold brew coffee), turning the "middle-age crisis" into a life turning point.

Three years ago, Gu Fangcai's (57-year-old) company was reorganized and he was also "persuaded to leave." Gu Fangcai said frankly that in his 50s, looking for a job and facing many hardships prompted him to think of starting a business. Since the whole family are coffee lovers, he and his wife Wang Meiyan (62 years old) ordered to sell healthier cold brew coffee without added preservatives and sugar.

The couple put out a total of five-figure savings to start a business, and formally established "1 Degree" in November 2016, mainly serving cold brew coffee to local cafes.

The handmade cold brewing process takes about 24 hours

Gu Fangcai shared that the hand-made cold brewing process takes about 24 hours, and the time for soaking coffee beans at room temperature is up to 16 hours.

He said that long-term soaking can ingest the unique flavor base of high-quality coffee beans, extract the natural sweetness of the beans, and have lower acidity, which is more gentle on the stomach and intestines, which is in line with the concept of healthy diet for modern people.

The highest record daily sales of 1,000 bottles

Aiming at the preferences of millennials, the highest record ever sold 1,000 bottles a day.

Gu Fangcai revealed that the initial response to the business was not as good as expected. Later, they changed their direction and switched to a simple whisky bottle design. They also learned to promote through social media platforms to increase their popularity.

In August of the previous year, they participated in the Singapore Coffee Festival for the first time. They sold 2,500 to 3,000 bottles of cold brew coffee in three days, with an average of 1,000 bottles per day. Nowadays, through official website sales, company events, brand cooperation and cooperation with local cafes, their business volume has grown by nearly 40% every year.

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